How does a Virtual Trek work?

Your Journey

The basic idea is that you walk a nominated distance (from 10 kms through to 100 kms) in your local area, or perhaps in another location, and you then record this through this Dashboard. You select the Journey menu item, enter the kilometres you have just walked (eg. that day, or the day before) and you will then see your virtual progress on a map of East Timor.

When do I walk?

While you can register from the beginning of August onward, you should not start Trekking until the beginning of October. You can then complete your nominated distance over the course of the month of October, in whatever way you are comfortable with. For example, if you are doing 50 kilometres, you might prefer to do 5 sessions of 10 kilometres.

Where can I actually walk?

As mentioned above, you can walk in your local area, or anywhere you like (that is Covid-safe). We would encourage you to consider visiting the Blue Mountains and doing some of your walk on the tracks which are still open. As you may know, the bushfires and floods damaged some of the tracks, but many are still open and our main Trek for Timor website will list which ones are still open.

East Timor Check points

As you pass virtual Check Points in East Timor, the map will display where you have been, and by clicking on the map, you will be taken to our main Trek for Timor website, where a page will display information about that area in East Timor. There will be photos, stories (and sometimes videos) and this will give you a feel for where you are walking in East Timor.

For those interested in the relationship between the your actual kilometres and the virtual journey this is how it works. You nominate a distance you actually want to walk (10 kms, 20kms, 50kms or 100kms) and this will be "converted" into virtural kilometres for the East Timor journey. Because the distance in East Timor is about 100 kilometres, the ratio is as follows: