Q and A

Shared emails

What happens about people who share the same email? Such as families?

Unfortunately, we need a unique email address for each person walking in the Trek, since that is what identifies them and allows them to login to their dashboard. However, there is nothing to stop someone, say the children in a family, using the shared email address and adding some extra letters into that email address.

For example, the Jones family might have a parent with the email address: mary.jones@bigpond.com. The children in that family could just use an email address like mary.jonesjp@bigpond.com (for the son John Paul) or mary.jonesce@bigpond.com (for the daughter Cathy Elizabeth).

Of course, these "fake" email addresses will bounce if an email is sent to them, but as long as the parent's email is correct, communication between the Trek organisers and the family will be OK. The other potential problem is the children MUST NOT forget their passwords, because the option "Forgot your Password? Click to Reset It" won't work because that system sends out an email with a link.


Is my password safe?

Our system for protecting your data is very secure. The database website is a "secure site" (which you can see in the address bar where the address begins with https). Your password is not stored as ordinary letters or numbers but is encrypted to a high standard, so nobody can view your password, not even the adminstrators of the site.


Can I make donations to Trekkers from inside the dashboard?

No. Unlike previous years, we are keeping the Trekkers and their sponsors completely separate. The Trekkers get a Dashboard and need to log in regularly to update their journey. They can also check the Sponsors page to see how much money they are raising in donations.

By way of contrast, people who want to sponsor Trekkers go through a separate system, just like when someone donates to charity. All they need to do is provide their name and email, and then select the person they wish to sponsor. It's a much simpler system for people wishing to sponsor Trekkers than what we have done in the past.